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  • Majoris offers business consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services and solutions delivered through its unique delivery model which is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.

    John Mathew
    Founder | Director
  • Majoris offers business consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services and solutions delivered through its unique delivery model which is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.

    Vikram Mathew
    CEO |
  • Majoris offers business consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services and solutions delivered through its unique delivery model which is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.

    John Mathew
    HR |

Business Process Management Consulting Services

Experience the Power of Data – A flexible front-end gateway to your Back end ERP Systems

Every business has multiple layers, processes and functions that in unison chase one goal, that of generating revenues. It becomes quintessential to have an apt technology intervention that streamlines these processes, integrate them well, and thus provide the power of information that aids timely decision. Majoris Consultancy Services with its large pool of IBM Certified WebSphere Consultants can offer a complete Business Process Manager Integration platform thus helping your organization to accelerate the pace of BPM Implementation and enable an impeccable organizational transformation. Majoris provides IBM’s Business Process Manager Integration Model, which leverages reusable templates and based on the comprehensive study of your organization’s business processes, maps them to the BPM Integration model.

We at Majoris have actively worked with varied clients spread across a spectrum of industries like,

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Publishing

We have integrated the business processes of various departments using IBM Business Process Manager Tools.

Overview of IBM Business Process Manager V8.0

IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 is a comprehensive, consumable and scalable business process management platform, which induces information visibility and sound management to your organization’s business processes. The technology allows IT to enable business users and managers to track their entire business operation on a single dashboard, receive alerts, and subsequently drill down to the lowest level of instance detail.

IBM Business Process Manager includes both IBM Process Center and IBM Process Server.


IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • New Web 2.0 Process Portal – It delivers a highly collaborative work environment with increased social capabilities and visibility for knowledge workers.
  • New Coach Designer – that has the ability to create, and reuse custom, user-defined Coach Controls, sections and templates.
  • Enhanced Governance - capabilities including user-defined processes for snapshots and deployment events
  • Managed links - to artifacts managed by OSLC-enabled content providers
  • Multiple Process Center – A sound support with the ability to search and share content between process centers
  • Ability to interact with documents in enterprise content management systems via Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)
  • Expanded REST/JSON API for mobile application development
  • End-to-end monitoring capabilities of solutions composed of multiple business defined milestone

Overview of IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management V8.0

Decisions are the make or break factors of any organizations, right decisions made at the right time can steer the organization to success and thus an application that aids decision management become a quintessential factor for all organizations. A decision management application is a business discipline that empowers organizations to automate, optimize, and govern repeatable business decisions. Majoris Consultancy provides IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management V8.0 a tool that automates decision management, make it real time and it enables you to capture, change, and govern the important decision logic in a controlled, scalable, and rapid manner; in all it induces business agility.

Key Features & Advantages

  • Constructed on ILOG Rules, it harbors a new level of automated decision making
  • Integrates business events with business rules thus enabling real-time decision making
  • Creates a decision center which is the common repository and tool that allows business users to author, change and manage rules
  • Decision Server provides a robust and scalable runtime environment, with Eclipse perspectives, that provides software developers a common development environment for Business Rules and Events.

Why choose Majoris Consultancy Services BPM/ODM Integration Models

  • Integration Jump Start Kit: Majoris BPM Consultants can provide you with not just comprehensive road map for BPM Integration but also equip you with Jump start Kit, which ensures an Instant deep dive into the Process.
  • Cost effective – The ‘configuration, not coding’ design approach of the WebSphere BPM integration model, brings down the implementation cost considerably vis-à-vis traditional approaches.
  • Innovation friendly - WebSphere BPM integration is delivered through either an on-premise appliance or the cloud with nothing else for IT to add or buy. Both approaches do not require complex coordination or specialized IT skills for deployment. Because of the simplicity of the solution, IT executives can now reallocate senior resources to more innovation-oriented projects.
  • Meets the current business demands – of simplicity, speed, and low-cost. The flexibility of being able to deploy the integration on cloud or on on-premise and the ability to switch as per requirement makes it a highly adaptable solution.

Advantage Majoris

  • Set up configure, install and deploy of WebSphere BPM 7.5 / V8.0 and WODM 8.0 Software in Dev, QA and PROD.
  • POC/POT of using of BPM/ODM Software in augmenting your existing ESB Infrasturcture. Integrate various ERP and CRM like clarify, Sales force, Siebel, JDE, PPLSOFT & SAP with Message Broker or other ESB hubs.
  • Integration of MB with ODM and WPS 7.5 / V8.0 and MB / Migrate IBM WebSphere Process Server Flows to BPM
  • We can demonstrate Sales Order management, Drug Discovery Integration with On Premise backend SAP ERP via BPM V7.5 / 8.0.
  • Offer BPM / WODM Custom Training Services (Development & Administration Course Ware).

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