People-soft-UpgradeWhile opting for an upgrade, the client should rest assured for having Majoris PeopleSoft Upgrade Services on its side.


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Majoris offers business consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services and solutions delivered through its unique delivery model which is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.
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While opting for an upgrade, the client should rest assured for having Majoris PeopleSoft Upgrade Services on its side. Majoris provides assistance from strategy formulation to employees training to the clients. Majoris PeopleSoft Upgrade Services assists its clients right from the beginning to the end of an upgrade process. Majoris Upgrade Service offers clients aid with planning & assessment and continues its assistance through upgrade execution, customization, enhancement, testing and deployment. Our services enable organizations to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing overall maintenance costs, upgrade costs, and improving performance efficiently.

Majoris’ Upgrade Project

Majoris PeopleSoft Practice is a proven standard on-site/offshore model. With a matchless expertise and sincere interest in our customer’s success Majoris plans out and assists you with your Upgrade Project at every stage - Be it chalking out the Strategy & Plan, Structuring and Constructing or enabling you to sail through the Transition and make easy the deployment or seek optimization.

To trump it all, a fixed price is charged for all these mentioned phases that on the whole include –

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Demo Install
  • Upgrade Fit-Gap
  • Initial Online Upgrade
  • Batch Upgrade
  • Test Moves
  • Training & New Release Testing
  • Move to Prod
  • Updates and Fixes
  • Change Management
  • Environment Management & Tuning
  • QA & Prod Support
  • Future Strategy

Majoris’ Upgrade Methodology

Our Upgrade Methodology is aimed at the most required aspect in proving solutions – the speed of it. We deal with Tools & Application Upgrade and Support services and ensure speedy deployment with cost and quality benefits.

Benefits of our Upgrade Methodology
  • Faster: Implement or upgrade up to 35% faster than an all on-site engagement
  • Cost Reducer: Reduce costs by up to 50%Fixed
  • High-Value Solutions: End-to-end services with high-value, fixed, low-cost solutions leading to quick and predictable results. All this with a fixed scope, fixed fee and a condensed timeline.
  • Customer-Specific Focus: Focus on more strategic or customer-specific tasks

PeopleSoft Upgrade Accelerators

For the smooth functioning of an organization’s Upgrade Process without much disruption to its business activities, Majoris furnishes its clients with Upgrade Accelerators. These include -

  • Probe – Assesses the customization of a phantom PeopleSoft application
  • TableSpace Optimizer – Analyzes the table space size on the new production copy
  • CSVCompare and AutoCompPro – Facilitates the process of generating CSV compare reports and updating the “take actions” during the upgrade compare and copy
  • Audit Analyzer – Documents and automates the audit cleaning process
  • Scripter – Splits the alter scripts to have it run in parallel and in an optimized mode
  • PeopleSoft Customization Identifier – Identifies list of customized and newly created objects in PeopleTools and PeopleSoft application objects; also identifies the level of customization the in the database
  • Batch Customization Identifier – Identifies the Deleted/Added/Modified SQRs in the PeopleSoft environment
  • SQR Impact Analyzer – Automates the process of identification of impacted SQRs and minimizes retrofitting/re-customization effort
  • PeopleCode & A/E Analyzer – Automates the process identification of impacted new PeopleCode and A/E program; eliminates the manual effort in going through all non-impacted programs
  • Restart Logic SQC – Minimizes the time taken to run SQRs, provides a “save point” for SQRs that run on massive tables, and helps restart from the save-point in case a problem occurs in the middle of running the SQR

AE Retrofitter

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. AE Retrofitter helps you get better at it. The demanding retrofitting process is automated with an AE Retrofitter. AE Retrofitter assists with the Data Conversion Process for an accurate and steady conversion. Few of the benefits of an AE Retrofitter would include -

  • Effort Reduction: Reduces effort for fixing the application engine by 70% and for rework by 80%
  • Code Correction: Prevents omissions in code correction
  • No Data Conversion Failure: Prevents failure in Data Conversion


Permit automates retrofitting of new permission lists created in PT 8.x version to PT 8.4x compatible.


  • Automated Mapping of pages, components prevent manual errors during retrofitting
  • PeopleTools compatible
  • Manual efforts reduced by 60%


Probe is a GUI tool that automates the study of PeopleSoft configuration and application setup. It provides a tighter control of inventory of the existing PeopleSoft applications.


  • Automatic Data collection prevents the loss critical information.
  • Time- and cost-effective scanning of customized objects
  • PeopleTools compatible
  • Manual efforts reduced by 80%

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