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Majoris offers business consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services and solutions delivered through its unique delivery model which is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.
John Mathew
Founder| Director

Siebel Implementation

The bar has been set high for organizations. Organizations today are chasing tails to reduce their TCO and boost up ROI. They have to discover new ways or rework on better ways of doing the same thing. It could be rightly said that adopting innovative solutions has become somewhat mandatory for any organization. This constant drive towards innovativeness to facilitate decision-making across sales, service and marketing teams could be fueled with a centralized warehouse of customer data and interactions. Majoris, across several domains, such as - Telecom, Healthcare, Energy Services, BFSI and Aviation, is right within reach to provide reliable solutions for Siebel implementation to suit specific needs of organizations.

Client Aspiration Barriers

Organizations that do not consider CRM strategies in its Modus Operandi, face difficulties in –

  • Sustaining Performance: Sustaining business performance in an ever changing environment.
  • Managing Complexities: Managing multifaceted issues in customer information
  • Identifying Areas to Enhance: Identifying areas of improvement within customer service
  • Sustaining Customer Loyalty: Meeting and expecting customer expectations to sustain customer loyalty
  • Employee Acceptance: Increasing acceptance and knowledge of CRM, amongst employees.

Majoris’ Provisions

Majoris offers a wide range of tasks relative to Seibel Implementation from business analysis, configuration, customizations, and system integration to testing and training. These services provided are enabled by our Siebel implementation framework, reusable components and prototyping. The major CRM functional areas covered include Sales, Sales Force Automation, Marketing, Field Service, Call Centre, and more.

Business Value

Majoris’ consultative approach would benefit organizations in numerous ways. Few of them include –

  • A remarkable reduction in the total cost of ownership
  • Business simplification, consolidation and upgrade of multiple instances & applications
  • Enhanced process automation
  • 100% on-time and on-budget compliance
  • Mature business process re-engineering framework
  • Reduction in people dependency
  • 360 degree customer view

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