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Majoris offers business consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services and solutions delivered through its unique delivery model which is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.
John Mathew
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Siebel Upgrade

Upgrades are like instruments that raise you up a notch to match changing tunes. A business needs to gain the maximum out of the resources it has deployed. Thus, in its quest to ensure a positive and consistent ROI, businesses struggle with their current Siebel setup when their requirements exceed returns. The answer to this is possibly an upgrade to a newer version of Siebel to stabilize the value provided to customers with the value attained from them. Just upgrading to a newer version wouldn’t suffice as the organization may further require the necessary expertise to go about with. Majoris recognizes this need of the organizations and lends out its experience and expertise to the complex technical and functional aspects of an upgrade to simplify the processes involved for clients.

Client Aspiration Barriers

Issues that a client would have to address if he aspires to upgrade include –

  • Addressing Needs: The upgrade should address all the key needs
  • Ensuring Maximum ROI: The upgrade should ensure an increased ROI
  • Data Corruption: Risk of data corruption or loss of functionality should be avoided

Majoris’ Provisions

Majoris assists clients in identifying what benefits could an upgrade actually bring to their business. Other impacts on the business such as optimization of new functionalities, training and business simplification opportunities are also recognized. The Majoris team has a hands-on experience with all the versions of Siebel CRM, including the latest – Siebel 8.1.1. Besides this, Majoris also assesses the technical aspects of an upgrade be it infrastructure requirements, customizations, integrations or plans for deployment. Our methodologies and processes have been tried and tested, thereby, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in terms of timely deliveries and that too within budget.

Business Value

Majoris adopts the Six Sigma approach in its Siebel services for process and quality improvement. Our Siebel solutions provides clients with business benefits that include –

  • Increased Revenue and Maximized ROI
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Reduced Costs

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